An art game about repetition, disorientation, and aphophenia. Heavily inspired by Internet Art/art.net; created in a team of one.

Made for PC in Unreal Engine 5 with 3DSMax.

Read more about the development of Occlusion in my Master's Thesis.

Download the Beta


Hyperdifficult mobile twice game with an outrun/synthwave aesthetic. Created with a large team including Yakin Najahi, lead programmer.

Made for Android with Unity 5; public demo made for PC with Unity.

Play the PC Demo

Love, Thy Neighbor

A classic Interactive Fiction game about growing up queer in small-town America. Made with Rachel Burton for itch.io's #RESIST game jam.

Made for browser-based play using Inform 7.

Play Love, Thy Neighbor

Twine Minigames: A or B and August Montgomery, Esq.

A or B and August Montgomery, Esq. are short, replayable, light-hearted Twine games where your decisions have dire consequences.

Both A or B and August Montgomery, Esq. are made for browser-based play using Twine.

Play the Minigames

Game Mods

My game mods, published through Nexus Mods and made in collaboration with Allison Still, have nearly 65k downloads collectively.

Fallout 4 Mods were created for play within Fallout 4 on PC using Bethesda's Creation Engine

Klewachu's Mod Page

Little Green Men: A Playset for Fiasco

This custom playset and accompanying cover art was created for me as a freeware for the popular role-playing tabletop game Fiasco.

Print out the playset! All you need is the Fiasco core rules and a few good friends.

Download The Playset


A visual novel puzzle game about resisting an oppressive system created in collaboration with Leo Bunyea.

Made for browser-based play using Ren'Py.



A tech demo to test a novel core functionality for a side-scrolling game: the ability to slow time and draw shapes on the screen which then become solid surfaces in the world when time speeds back up.

Dwell was created for PC/browser-based play with Unity 4. Browser-based play is no longer supported for Unity 4 games, so if you'd like to try out the tech demo please contact me directly.