Fine Art

Antimony (Sb)

Shown in a solo exhibiton at the George C. Gordon Library in Worcester, MA. A series of multi-media works in many scales; a graphic novella. Antimony (Sb) is a series about how we are made of bones, what pain is like, and the operation of the body.


Shown through 40West Arts District in juried exhibition. Syzygy is a trio - for now - of collages using found images and found artwork. It is about the celestial presence, choas, and a formalist treatment of texture.


Ongoing series with pieces shown through Digital Arts California, the Ice Cube Gallery, and Pancakes and Booze. Vbstract is a collection of abstract digital works created by manipulating images of 3D models or physical paintings and drawings, often in many variations.

Portraits from Life

An ongoing, lifelong project of en plein air portraits in traditional media. Sometimes performed live for community events and art shows. Overlapping images are produced by hand; mirrored images are combined digitally to show works adjacent in a sketchbook.